Strategic Brand Building Course

Strategy is what separates the average brands from the great. Learn everything you need to know to help you build a strategic brand which resonates deeply with your customers and encourages customer loyalty. Every lesson is designed to guide you step by step through the process of building an amazing brand which you can be confident in and your customers can love.


Strategic Brand Building Course

Discover the power of brand strategy and build a trustworthy brand step by step. Learn the framework and process required to develop a brand which resonates deeply with your target audience.

Difficulty Level  :  Beginner to intermediate

Prerequisite  :  No experience needed

What you will learn:  How to build a trustworthy strategic brand which communicates effectively and with purpose.

Discover the process

Building a strategic brand doesn't have to be a hard long process. And it won't be once you learn Scott's Six-Step Process.

Understanding what brand strategy is and why it is important is going to give you the foundation you need to build your brand upon. At this stage, we explore why strategy brands win in the world of business & marketing, and how you can win too.
Having a purpose and vision is key for any brand looking to grow a loyal following. People want to invest in brands that bring value to the world and aren't just looking to generate revenue. By having purpose and a vision, you give customers a reason to choose you.
Having a mission and values as a brand is essential if you want to stay focused on your objectives and goals. Great brands impact the world in a positive way, so it's important to have a meaningful mission to strive for and strong values to keep you aligned.
Your audience have to be understood before you can understand how to communicate with them effectively. Analysing your audience is the key to creating brand assets and communications which your customers see as a valuable purchase, therefore driving sales and growth.
Before we can strategically position your brand effectively, it's first important to have a complete understanding of your competition and how to stand out. By auditing your market and highlighting the key players, you can use their weaknesses against them and help your brand be perceived as more desirable to your audience.
Now you understand your target audience and market, the final stage is to confirm your strategic brand positioning. This will give customers a distinctive reason to choose you over other companies and help you secure more sales and grow revenue far faster as a result.


Clear, concise and super easy to follow. I've been trying to figure out how to build my brand and get everything in place for a long time. This course so far is helping guide me through each stage, step by step. I wish I'd found this course sooner. *Update. I have finished the course and just wanted to say it earned the 5 star rating and more. Such a great course and worth every second.

Lucy Arnolds

So helpful and easy to follow. I'd been playing around with getting everything right for my brand for months and this course is helping me tie together everything that I didn't have figured out to get that strong brand feel I wanted. Looking forward to getting into the brand identity course afterwards.

Sarah Wright

I have taken many branding courses and this one is a breath of fresh air. The instructor offers fresh and new ideas to implement into the branding of your business, very insightful.

Bruce Blanc

The compact structure of the course makes it very easy to follow as you are not drowned with information. I have learnt a lot and I am excited to continue on to the follow up course of brand identity creation.

Stefan Sherif

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone wanting to build a strong brand which resonates deeply with a target audience. Developing a credible and trustworthy brand can be simple, if you follow the step by step process outlined in this course. Stand out in your marketplace and give customers a reason to choose your brand over every one of your competitors.

As a brand strategist, I've met thousands of business owners who struggle to understand how to use brand strategy to give them a distinctive advantage in they marketplace. It doesn’t have to be like that.

I beleive all businesses should be a brand. Why? Because customers need brand's to connect with, buy from and support. Look at the biggest brands in the world today, and you'll see a company that understands how to use strategy to communicate with their target audience perfectly. Nike, Apple and Disney are all great examples.

This course gives you the knowledge and guidance to build a strategic brand of your own, helping you stand out in your market place and connect with your target audience effortlessly. I've boiled down all my experiences and knowledge about strategic branding into this course.
This course will help you to take your vision and build a brand which truly connects with customers and plays a positive role in making the world a better place.

Scott Lancaster

Brand Strategist & Freelancer

Meet your instructor

Scott Lancaster

Brand Strategist & Freelancer

Scott is a brand consultant, author, designer and entrepreneur. With over 8 years experience building strategic brands, he has worked with over 800 brands, organisations and companies. He is the owner of Clementine House Branding Agency, a creative studio helping brands grow and prosper. He is also a business owner, investor and coach to those who want to use branding to empower their business.
Scott prides himself on being able to break down the complex world of branding into easy to digest lessons which can be applied and used effectively by anyone.
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Strategic Brand Building Course

Discover the power of brand strategy and build a trustworthy brand step by step. Learn the framework and process required to develop a brand which resonates deeply with your target audience.


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Q1: What if I have no experience in using strategy?

No problem. This course has been specifically designed to make sure every single step of the strategic brand building process is easy to follow and implement into your own business. You don't need any experience or prior knowledge. Just focus on following Scott's process and you'll be successful in building your strategic brand from scratch.

Q2: What exactly is included in the course?

The course includes every step you need to build and develop an effective strategic brand from the ground up. The modules of the course have been specifically designed to help guide you through each stage of the process and make every phase easy to understand and follow.

Q3: What makes this program better than others?

There’s no other strategic branding program that walks you through exactly what you need to know to build a strategic brand with actionable steps you can use instantly. We start at the very beginning and make sure that your brand is strategically positioned in the market so that it gives your customers a distinctive reason to choose you over every one of your competitors.

Q4. What if I don't understand branding properly yet?

Don't worry. We have lessons within the course that make sure you fully understand branding and the framework which all great brands use to communicate with their customers. By the end of the course, you'll understand branding better than the majority of business owners in the world today.

Q5. Will there be plenty of real life examples?

The course has been structured around Scott's unique experience of working with hundreds of brands from around the world. We also use real life brands (who you know and have likely bought from) to show you that the teachings in this course are used by the biggest brands in the world every single day.

Q6. Does this course include how to design your logo?

Because strategic branding and brand expression are different areas of branding, we created two courses. This course is focused on the strategic side of branding and our Brand Identity Course is focused on helping you bring your brand strategy to life visually. For best results, we recommend securing both courses and taking this course first.

Q7: Is there a refund policy

Yes, there is. We’re so confident you’ll love the way this course shows you exactly how and where to start (even if you’ve got limited time), with real action plans and step-by-step detail, that we offer a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

We’ll promptly refund the total amount if you complete the course within 30 days of purchase, complete the action items and you still don’t see any results.

Q8: Does the course include any support or encouragement?

We understand accountability, encouragement, guidance and validation are all part of the “secret sauce” that help you follow through on the course. So we'll be following up with you as you progress and even after to make sure you understand everything fully.