Brand Name Development Course

Learn how to develop unique, memorable and protectable brand names using a refined step-by-step process which has helped over 2000 students and business owners to date. Discover the professional framework top agencies use to offer brand name development to clients, and charge upwards of $15,000 per project. All the techniques, methods and answers are right here in this course, ready for you to learn and use yourself.


Brand Name Development Course

Your brand name is the one thing that should never change. Learn professional methods, processes and techniques to find a unique and distinctive brand name for any company.

Difficulty Level  :  Beginner to intermediate

Prerequisite  :  No experience needed

What you will learn:  How to create highly engaging and memorable brand names, which roll off the tongue perfectly and are highly unique.

Discover the process

Creating a great brand name doesn't have to be difficult or painful. If you follow our step-by-step process, it can actually be really fun.

Understand what makes brand names unique, pleasurable to say and easy to remember. This stage shares examples of amazing brand names out there in the world and explains why they are so effective.
At this stage of the process, we learn how to confirm your brand's message and what your name should communicate. This will help us later on in the brand name creation process.
At this phase, we begin the wordbanking technique. A unique step in our tried and tested process to finding amazing brand names which we use ourselves everyday.
In this step, we create concepts and angles using our work during the word banking phase. This will help prepare us perfectly for the brand name creation step, which comes next...
At this point in the process, we bring together everything you've been taught up to now to help you develop creative and memorable brand names of your own. After this step you'll have great selection of 10 great brand names.
Here we go through each key check every brand name should go through before being confirmed as safe to use. We also give you additional content showing you how to find premium .COM domains for less than $20.


I have had numerous businesses throughout the last 10 years and always struggled to find the perfect name. I wish I had found this course 10 years ago! Such an invaluable investment.

Louis Philip

Was unsure when I first saw it on youtube but thought I would give it a go as I am quarantining, I am happy I bit the bullet, it's the best course I have done.

Elena Abdullah

Good course, I like the structure and it makes it very easy to understand and learn. This instructor clearly knows his stuff, will be looking into the other courses on offer and potentially private coaching.

Brett Gilliland

Great course and really enjoying the instructors way of teaching. I looked him up on Youtube and he has hundreds of videos on their too. Well worth the investment and really glad I found this course when I did.

Amy Shields

Who is this course for?

This course is for someone who wants (or needs) to learn how to create great brand names effortlessly using a simple easy to follow process. You'll gain the knowledge, process, inspiration, and the confidence to come up with 10 brand names easily and effortlessly, using our tried and tested 5 step framework.

In my role as a branding consultant, I’ve met hundreds of frustrated founders who just can't seem to find the perfect name for their company or product. But it doesn't have to be a hard and painful experience.

I believe anyone can create amazing brand names, if they understand some simple techniques and follow a step0by-step process. How do I know? Because I've taught and guided over 2000 business owners and students to do just that all by themselves. Developing brand names isn't a lightbulb moment. It requires more logic than magic. And the process I use myself as a service as a consultant is the exact same process I'll be teaching you in this course.

The course is built around an easy to follow 5 step framework. A framework I have refined and polished over the last 8 years working with brands of all shapes and sizes.  It doesn't matter if you're creative or don't have experience. The steps we share in this course are not revolutionary. But the important things is they work and anyone can get the result they need using them.

Scott Lancaster

Brand Strategist & Freelancer

Meet your instructor

Scott Lancaster

Brand Strategist & Freelancer

Scott is a brand consultant, author, designer and entrepreneur. With over 8 years experience building brand naming agency, he has worked with over 800 brands and taught over 11,000 students, organisations and other freelancers. He is an agency owner and freelancer but is also a business owner, investor and coach to others looking to follow his highly effective practices.
His unique and refined processes can be (and are) used by others to achieve incredible results every single day.
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Brand Name Development Course

Your brand name is the one thing that should never change. Learn professional methods, processes and techniques to find a unique and distinctive brand name for any company.


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Q1: How do I know I'll find a brand name using this course?

The course has been specifically refined and structured to guide you and your thinking through our tried and tested framework. Over 2000 students and business owners have used this exact same process to fine their brand names, helping them save thousands on agency fees. This is a professional process which is proven to work for anyone, every single time.

Q2: What exactly is included in the course?

The course includes every step you need to take in order to understand how to develop a unique brand name for any company or brand. It includes a breakdown of what actually makes a great brand name, before diving into our tried and tested processed to help you create amazing brand names of your very own.

Q3: What makes this program better than others?

There is no other program on the planet that shares industry standard practices and techniques on how to develop amazing brand names which can be trademarked. Another unique benefit of this course is we show you how to secure any .com domain for less than $20. Lastly, we also show you how to create brand names which are more likely to rank on the first page of Google, helping you achieve free organic traffic to your website.

Q4. What if you have no experience with brand names?

Don't worry. Over 2000 students and business owners have been in your position. And every single one of them managed to find a great brand name using our tried and tested process. There is no experience necessary. The only thing you need is a digital device to watch the videos and a paper and pen. That's it!

Q5. Will there be plenty examples of great brand names?

The course has been structured to first show you examples of great brand names out there and explain why they are so strong. This course will not only help you learn how to create amazing brand names, but also why they are so good and effective. Every unique brand situation requires a certain type of brand name and approach. You'll learn how to apply each approach in a way which positions the brand for success long term.

Q6. Can I apply this process no matter what industry the brand is in?

The process you'll learn in this course can be applied to every market and industry. There are no limits, as the framework guides you through the practical steps of creating a brand name, not being specific to just one single type of company or market. By understanding the key fundementles of brand naming, you can apply your knowledge to any brand or business.

Q7: Is there a refund policy

Yes, there is. We’re so confident you’ll love the way this course shows you exactly how and where to start (even if you’ve got limited time), with real action plans and step-by-step detail, that we offer a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

We’ll promptly refund the total amount if you complete the course within 30 days of purchase, complete the action items and you still don’t see any results.

Q8: Does the course include any support or encouragement?

We understand accountability, encouragement, guidance and validation are all part of the “secret sauce” that help you follow through on the course. So we'll be following up with you as you progress and even after to make sure you understand everything fully.